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About Me

Kanna-Ophelia: I'm married to romana03 and we have an adorable baby boy, which makes me the luckiest woman in the world ♥. I collect fashion and ball jointed dolls, have been known to reborn baby dolls myself, and I read practically anything.

I've been out of fandom a while now, and I'm only sporadically coming back, so most of my earlier entries are privated as a personal record. Fandoms I care about: Enid Blyton, BSG/Caprica, Ranma, Utena, Sailormoon, Azumanga Daioh, Harry Potter, ST:DS9, Elder Scrolls, Pokemon, the Hunger Games, Jem, school stories and Agatha Christie. I tend to come down on the sapphic side of the fandom equation, as in real life, but I also have a big fondness for gen.

No one needs my permission to friend or defriend or comment. Just please play nice.
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Yuletide Letter 2014

 AO3 username: KannaOPhelia

Dear Yuletide Writer:

Thank you so much for writing for me! I hope you are happy with your assignment. I’ve been doing Yuletide since the beginning, and always had a fun experience.  I want you to have fun, too. Trust me, the moment you made your offer of a fandom I adore, or put your hand up for the pinch hit, you pretty much guaranteed that I am going to love what you write.

You may have noticed that I love f/f, and my requests tend to skew that way. However, if you don’t feel the femslash love, I would much prefer you write me lovely gen than force yourself to write f/f.  

Please feel free to see my prompts as optional suggestions, if  you already have another idea in mind you want to write. I will be delighted to see whatever you come up with. This letter  is mostly to say hello and to give some clarity if you have any questions.

I’m happy with any POV and tense that works for you. I've signed up to express my delight with interactive fiction.  I especially love fic that captures the canon feel, or is full of little fannish details, fic in which the love of canon shines through.  I’m fine with OCs.  I love world building and plot, but I also love emotionally intimate close-up fics. I am a shameless romantic, but I also  love enemy ships.  I love humour, I love big emotions, I love exploration of issues. My tastes are pretty vanilla, and I prefer any sex to arise in the context of a story, rather than as the total focus.

Here’s a totally non-comprehensive list of tropes and themes that I shamelessly love and never get tired of:

o   Going through the process of figuring out that womanly/girlish  devotion is *more* than socially acceptable straight bff/”sisterly” relationships

o   First confessions/first kisses/first times

o   Womanly chivalry and protectiveness

o   Really serious, burning jealousy

o   Forced to pretend they are in love when at least one secretly already is

o   Slow burn

o   Socially self conscious awkwardness/uselessness

o   Lesbian true love/marriage/optional kids  (by magical fpreg, adoption or genetic donation as canon-appropriate)

o   Canon-divergent AUs.

DNWs: rape/noncon/dubcon, child/adult,  appearance bashing,  toys and strap-ons, mundane AU, crack, different setting AU, crossovers A/B/O, bdsm, PWP,  genderswapping, body-shaming.

Triggers: I don't think it will come up,  except possibly in the case of Dr Mac, but just in case,  because of my personal history I find anything to do with infertility, miscarriage, abortion, traumatic childbirth, stillbirth or other harm to babies and children incredibly triggering.

Okay, that’s it! Please feel free to contact me through the mods if you need to. My requests are below for reference, along with some info on availability, some more specific (and COMPLETELY optional) prompts if you feel a bit lost for inspiration, and some pretty pictures.

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble (Video Game) –Any
Availability: (website), Steam

My DHSGiT gang

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Just William - Richmal Crompton --Any 

Availability: Just William and More William are available for free on Project Gutenberg.

William gets involved in one of Ethel's courtships

Collapse )

Mapp and Lucia series-E. F. Benson - Emmeline "Lucia" Lucas

Mapp and Lucia audiobook cover

Availability: Mapp and Lucia, Trouble for Lucia and Lucia's Progress, as well as the earlier Lucia-only books, are available on the Australian Project Gutenberg

Collapse )

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – Phryne Fisher / Elizabeth “Mac” Macmillan

Availability:  For the US (and those of us who have US accounts anyway) it’s available on both Netflix and Hulu. And a lovely person in the comments has let me know that it's also on internationally, with a free trial month.

Phryne and Mac

Collapse )

Long live the Queen- Charlotte

Availability:, Steam.

Charlotte has a protective mother

Collapse )

Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Itsuka Kakumeisareru Monogatari | Some Day My Revolution Will Come – Protagonist/Sanjouin Chigusa

Availability:  Unless you can get hold of the original Sega Saturn game, I’m not aware of any current sources. There are Let’s Plays on the forum, however, starting here:


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State of the Kanna

 Gosh, it's been  long time since I updated. I guess Camille Bacon-Smith's much derided claim that fans filled tragic gaps in our lives with fannishness was true for me, at least: the happier and more fulfilled I am, the less I need the connection and distraction that were so vital to me in getting through difficult times in my life. My fannish participation now basically consists of fic exchanges. And Monster High, OMG, how did I resist that so long?

State of the Kanna: WONDERMOUS.  I enjoy life immensely. I enjoy parenting immensely. I look forward to every day.*

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tl;dr, but once I started writing, it kept happening!

Short version, I'm very happy indeed, and so is the rest of my little family.

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(no subject)

Hi, femslashex author! I’m really excited to be doing this again this year.  I hope your assignment suits you, and that you have fun writing for me.

Feel free to ignore this letter, grab a prompt and run with it.  As long as you respect my DNWs, I’m sure to love anything that inspires you; this letter is just in case you appreciate a little extra help.

I’m happy with any POV and tense that works for you. I especially love fic that captures the canon feel, or is full of little fannish details, fic in which the love of canon shines through.  I’m fine with OCs.  I love world building, but  I also love emotionally intimate close-up fics.

Here’s a totally non-comprehensive list of tropes and themes that I shamelessly love and never get tired of:
o   Going through the process of figuring out that their devotion is *more* than socially acceptable straight bff/”sisterly” relationships
o   First confessions/first kisses/first times
o   Womanly chivalry and protectiveness
o   Really serious, burning jealousy
o   Forced to pretend they are in love when at least one secretly already is
o   Hurt/comfort
o   Slow burn
o   Socially selfconscious awkwardness/uselessness
o   True love/marriage/optional kids (magical fpreg, adoption or genetic donation)
o   Sharp and snarky conversation

DNWs: rape/noncon/dubcon, child/adult,  appearance bashing,  toys and strap-ons, mundane AU, crack AU, A/B/O, bdsm, PWP, Five Things

A little more about my requests:

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Crunchy, Pro-Vac and Jabbed

 I was told recently at a mothers and babies group by two of the ladies (two of  the most dear to my heart) that they were surprised I was so pro-vaccination because I seemed like the kind of person who would be really anti.

I had a knee-jerk "Do I look stupid and irresponsible?" moment (that I didn't act or speak on, thank goodness) and then I laughed because... I'm awfully crunchy. I'm a lesbian, a vegetarian, I don't shave my legs or wear makeup or follow "beauty practices" (although I recently dyed my hair "lightest golden caramel brown", i.e. strawberry blonde) except on special occasions, and I follow a lot of attachment parenting practices, like baby wearing, baby led weaning, and part time elimination communication (omg FANTASTIC).  I desperately wanted a natural birth, although I settled for a safe one. We called our son Caius :P.

I can definitely see that someone would class me as the kind of woman who would be anti vaccination. But the thing is, I am also pro evidence based medicine. I was a medical librarian, I am educated, I can assess research. I read all the arguments pro and anti, I read Andrew Wakefield's book, and my position is this:

I am not convinced that combined MMR vaccinations at 18 months and rechallenged at 4 years causes leaky bowel syndrome in genetically susceptible children, leading to infantile regressive psychosis, commonly collapsed with "autism". I don't think the evidence from Wakefield's case studies is compelling, and further studies have failed to prove even a weak link. There are far more likely links with genetics and nutritional deficiency in pregnancy.

But even if I did, I would still vaccinate Cai, and get my own flu and whooping cough jabs. Because of risk-benefit calculations, because I will always try to act in my darling boy's best interests, and because of herd immunity and the people who rely on it.

I'm not one of the people who claim vaccinations are harmless in all cases. There have been tragic results. But there have been far more tragic results from epidemics of preventable diseases. For kids who do not have genuine medical reasons not to vaccinate, I am hardcore pro-vacc.

Jabbed: Love, Fear and Vaccines is an incredibly moving and unbiased documentary on the choices to vaccine, or not, that doesn't flinch from the hard issues.
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Yuletide Letter 2013

Hi Yuletide Writer! Welcome to Kanna’s Yuletide Requests 2013, niche pink girly games edition.

If you’re writing for me, it means you have offered (or pinch hit) one of my favourite games, and for that, I salute you. And also—thank you. You are writing for me, and that makes me very happy and excited. I’m sure I’ll love anything you write me.
All of these games are female-oriented (except possibly Rorona, which caters to the moe crowd as well) games with female protagonists and an emphasis on relationships, romantic or otherwise. They also tend to have several of the following:  visual novel style storytelling, fashion, stats raising, dancing rhythm games, jrpg, and  otome (dating sim for girls) elements. Some are localised Japanese games, some are Japanese influenced OEL indie games.  They’re all fluffy and super-cute. They are all also happy-place games for me, so it is easy to please me!

A note:  I’ve asked for characters and pairings I’d particularly enjoy seeing, but these are very rare fandoms and nearly anything in them would make me happy. If you’d prefer to focus on other nominated (female) characters and just cameo the requested ones, feel free to go with that.

Triggers: I don't think it will come up, but just in case, I find anything to do with infertility, miscarriage, elective terminations, traumatic childbirth, stillbirth or other harm to babies and children incredibly triggering.  I also find sexual violence and, especially, dubcon upsetting.

Some things I love:
First times
True love
Kissing and cuddling
Slow burn
Plotty gen (or plottiness in general)
Girls going on adventures
Canon details and playfulness with canon
Socially selfconscious awkwardness/uselessness
“What if X had happened different?” AUs
Shippy best friends one of whom is butch and protective, the other more feminine (my total castiron kink)

Some general dislikes:
Toys and magical penises
Mundane AU
Zombie apocalypse etc.
Genderswap  of female nominated characters
Scenes retold from a character’s perspectives
Five Things fic

Things it’s totally okay to include if you’re wondering:
Negotiated, loving poly
Love triangles
Now, on to the requests! In alphabetical order, no preference implied.
Atalier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland (PS3)
An incredibly cute low fantasy jrpg with otome elements,  a heavy emphasis on the alchemy mechanics, and a loving-hearted alchemy apprentice protagonist  who goes out adventuring to  save her indolent mistress’ shop. There’s a wiki here.

Request: Rorona/Cordelia
These two are so incredibly cute together, with their mutual low self-esteem getting in their way but obviously meaning the world to each other. I’d love shippy fic (especially if Cory’s  jealousy is involved), or a story with the girls going out adventuring together, either as BFFs or a couple.

I haven’t yet played Totori or Meruru, so don’t worry about contradicting later canon.  I love the world of this game, and I have a deep love for most of the characters, male or female. Cory and Rorona are my favourites, but  I also have a fondness for Esty/Tiffany . The one reservation I have is that I find Astrid’s sexual harassment of the other characters uncomfortable, and I’d prefer you not to go there; that aside, I’m quite fond of her.  I don’t mind if Hom is male or female!

Cute Knight Kingdom (PC, Mac, Linux)
A fantasy stats raising sim with otome and rpg elements, in which you control a young woman in a fantasy world, your choices leading her to one of a number of fates… including love. Its website is here

Request: Player Character
I’d love a story focussing on one of the multiple “career” endings/paths of this game, worldbuilding, backstory or a story pairing the PC with one of her female romantic options (Helena and Princess Alana).  Gen or f/f, please!

I have an obsession with stats raising sims,  and the Cute Knight games have been filling the Princess Maker shaped hole in my gaming. I really love that there are female romance options, so I nominated Helena and female-Al with that in mind, but  didn’t end up requesting either because I would be equally happy with gen focussing on the poor PC slaving day after day at her training and jobs in order to end up in one of the endings, or expanding character backgrounds. I forgot when nominating, but I think the PC default name is Sorami.

Heartstring Bugs (PC, Mac, Linux)
A Ren’Py stats raising/otome game, set in school, about a girl trying to make a better (and more open and honest) go of her next year at high school, and maybe find love, with the help of an adorable alien baby virus. Available  free here.

Request: Any
This game didn't have a romance route for the three female NPCs—I would love to read one! Alternatively, I’d enjoy any two the girls paired with each other, BFF gen, or explorations of the background and lives of the nominated characters… baby viruses for bonus points!

I mentioned an obsession with stats raising sims, didn’t I? I find this otome dating sim, with its  sympathetic protagonist,  endearing and absorbing. I was, however, a little disappointed that the girl characters only had friendship routes, not romance. I would love a fic that fixes that, or pairs any of the nominated characters (Elly, Alice, Naomi and Tamera)  with each other. If gen is more your style, something expanding the emotional world or background of one of the girls, BFF fic, or just something cute with Vic the baby virus would be equally welcome. I would prefer not het, as the game is so full of it already! If I had to pick a favourite girl, it would be Naomi, but I truly like them all.

Pretty Ballerina/Imagine: Ballet Dancer/Star (NDS)
A very pretty Japanese rhythm/career sim game with simple minigames and lots of gorgeous costumes,  following the stories of three young ballerinas. It’s really sad that this game was so overlooked, probably because it was released in English on the Imagine label, which has very erratic quality. There’s a review here.

Request: Keira/Naomi
The end of Keira’s story makes it clear that Naomi is the most important person in the world to Keira. I would love a story developing on this, preferably as a pairing, but BFF gen would be great. Something focusing on the pretty pink world of this game with ballet and fashion would be perfect, or with Naomi finding a happy-ever-after despite her thwarted ballet dreams.

Any story set in this pretty pink, sparkling world, would be wonderful, especially if you incorporate the costumes! I love all the characters and even though I don’t particularly like ballet personally, I’ve always loved career building narratives, I  love the way ballet is the Most Important Thing in the World… except friendship. That being said, I ship Keira/Naomi like fire.

Princess Debut (NDS)
A  super cute otome rhythm game about a girl who switches places with a princess in a ballroom dancing-obsessed magic kingdom, working on winning the prize at the Great Ball… and perhaps finding true love with her dancing partner. Wiki here.

Request: Sabrina/Princess Isabel
I really wish poor prickly, lonely Isabel had a route, or at least, that the results of the promises between Isabel and Sabrina to drop their rivalry and become friends had led to actual friendshippy scenes. I’d love something exploring their friendship, romantically or not… or fiction about the Princesses in general. f/f or gen, please!

Despite the dreadful dancing graphics, I have had so much fun with this game. Princess Isabel was my favourite character, poor kid, and I was disappointed that after the interminable “looking for Isabel” sequence her story basically went nowhere. I would love a  missing Isabel route fic, or f/f or BFF gen about Sabrina and Isabel. An ensemble story about more of the princesses would also be great. For all I’m asking for female characters, I’m fond of all the princes except the little brat, and don’t mind at all if they appear.

Wagamama Girls Mode 2/New Style Boutique/Style Savvy Trendsetters (3DS)
An incredibly addictive fashion game where you  choose stock, advise customers, style your boutique, compete in fashion parades, and network, network, network to get your boutique to the top. There’s a wiki for the series here.

Request: Player Character
Anything set in the fashion-obsessed, mutually supportive world of Style Savvy would be wonderful. Gen would be great, or I’m cool with the PC being paired with any of the women who make it their mission in life to help her succeed, her models, or with the cute delivery boy with a crush.  Basically, I want the labels, the shop or the networking!

I have wasted incredible amounts of my life on this ultimate game of dress up. And the characters are so charming and sweet! Gen would be great for this game, especially if it involves the fashion obsessions and the ability to completely redesign and refocus your image and your shop every ten minutes. I’m also very fond of all the female characters and totally up for f/f, and I wouldn’t mind het for this one, because the delivery boy is so adorable! Oh, and my favourite brand is Marzipan Sky and my least favourite is Enid Chen. ;)

So that’s all my requests! You have no idea how excited I am at the thought of getting a story for one of these games. Again, thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy yourself writing!

XX Kanna
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Femslash Exchange 2013 Letter

 Dear writer,

First of all, I'm really sorry for giving you no prompts in my details. It's not something I'd normally do, but I signed up at the last minute--I missed nominations, so I didn't think there would be anything I wanted, but I checked it out and was like a kid in a candy store picking out awesome pairings.

Trust me, though, I do want any and all of them very much! There's something really exciting about having no idea what I'll get instead of a carefully planned and restrictive lists of prompts. I don't remember being this excited about an exchange in a long time.

I'll get the generals and the  negatives out of the way first

Triggers: I don't think it will come up, but just in case, I find anything to do with infertility, miscarriage, elective terminations, traumatic childbirth, stillbirth and harm to babies and children incredibly triggering. (Lesbian pregnancies by way of donor or magic or scifi [if canon appropriate], and adoption, I do love, just no negativity.) I also find sexual violence and, especially, dubcon triggering.

Squicks: the words cum, cunt and pussy, sex toys or dildo substitutes, magical penises, voyeuristic men. I'm an old-fashioned lesbian. :)  Bdsm is not so much a squick as something that leaves me entirely cold. 

General dislikes: Total AUs (i.e. coffeeshops or zombie apocalypses); crossovers of unrelated fandoms; genderswap; crack; PWP; character bashing; infidelity; what X was thinking in Y canon scene.

General loves: Best friendship being complicated by love and desire; antagonism; being complicated by love and desire; true love in general; soppiness; bickering; jealousy; girls going on adventures; canon details (e.g. magic in Harry Potter, pop rock music in Jem,  weirdness in Utena); humour; emotional depth; first times; marriage and lesbian parenthood; soft butch-femme if character appropriate.

On to the candy, in alpabetical order by fandom and pairing! Please consider these prompts as helpful suggestions only--if there's something else you're dying to write, go for it. I'm sure I'll love it. :)

Collapse )

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Heavens, that was long. Serves me right for being so grabbity with pairings. Once again, thank you so much for writing for me--I'm so excited at the thought of finding out what you've written for me! I really hope you have fun.

Love, Kanna.