Kanna Ophelia (kannaophelia) wrote,
Kanna Ophelia

Finally giving in

I've had this Dreamwidth account for a very long time and never used it, but there's comms I wanted to join and also lj and my iPad don't get along - bloody thing likes to autorefresh in the middle of a post and I lose everything and can't restore as a draft. I don't actually know if DW will work any better, but I'm going to try crossposting for a bit. And to read friendspages on both.

I am lazy and it will take me forever to hunt down and friend people on DW as well, so if you want access on DW, please friend me and I will return suit! But really, as I'm crossposting, it won't make much difference, it's just a matter of which site I'm on when I type into a box. :D Comments can go to either site.
Tags: first post
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