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Yuletide Letter 2014

 AO3 username: KannaOPhelia

Dear Yuletide Writer:

Thank you so much for writing for me! I hope you are happy with your assignment. I’ve been doing Yuletide since the beginning, and always had a fun experience.  I want you to have fun, too. Trust me, the moment you made your offer of a fandom I adore, or put your hand up for the pinch hit, you pretty much guaranteed that I am going to love what you write.

You may have noticed that I love f/f, and my requests tend to skew that way. However, if you don’t feel the femslash love, I would much prefer you write me lovely gen than force yourself to write f/f.  

Please feel free to see my prompts as optional suggestions, if  you already have another idea in mind you want to write. I will be delighted to see whatever you come up with. This letter  is mostly to say hello and to give some clarity if you have any questions.

I’m happy with any POV and tense that works for you. I've signed up to express my delight with interactive fiction.  I especially love fic that captures the canon feel, or is full of little fannish details, fic in which the love of canon shines through.  I’m fine with OCs.  I love world building and plot, but I also love emotionally intimate close-up fics. I am a shameless romantic, but I also  love enemy ships.  I love humour, I love big emotions, I love exploration of issues. My tastes are pretty vanilla, and I prefer any sex to arise in the context of a story, rather than as the total focus.

Here’s a totally non-comprehensive list of tropes and themes that I shamelessly love and never get tired of:

o   Going through the process of figuring out that womanly/girlish  devotion is *more* than socially acceptable straight bff/”sisterly” relationships

o   First confessions/first kisses/first times

o   Womanly chivalry and protectiveness

o   Really serious, burning jealousy

o   Forced to pretend they are in love when at least one secretly already is

o   Slow burn

o   Socially self conscious awkwardness/uselessness

o   Lesbian true love/marriage/optional kids  (by magical fpreg, adoption or genetic donation as canon-appropriate)

o   Canon-divergent AUs.

DNWs: rape/noncon/dubcon, child/adult,  appearance bashing,  toys and strap-ons, mundane AU, crack, different setting AU, crossovers A/B/O, bdsm, PWP,  genderswapping, body-shaming.

Triggers: I don't think it will come up,  except possibly in the case of Dr Mac, but just in case,  because of my personal history I find anything to do with infertility, miscarriage, abortion, traumatic childbirth, stillbirth or other harm to babies and children incredibly triggering.

Okay, that’s it! Please feel free to contact me through the mods if you need to. My requests are below for reference, along with some info on availability, some more specific (and COMPLETELY optional) prompts if you feel a bit lost for inspiration, and some pretty pictures.

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble (Video Game) –Any
Availability: http://www.mousechief.com/dhsg/index.html (website), Steam

My DHSGiT gang

I love this game like crazy. Roaring 20s schoolgirls kicking over the traces, stirring up trouble, solving mysteries how could I not?

I would adore femslash for this game. For all their calculated Flirting With Boys, such liberated young rebels seem prime fodder for discovering the more feminine side of love. Alternatively (or additionally) I would love any rip roaring adventure full of snark and double entendre you could come up with. I would prefer you to keep away from the darker side of the game, if that's okay.

Note: The girls I nominated are my original gang, but I am equally happy with any of the Queens and their potential gang members.

Completely optional prompts (for nominated characters only):
* The implications of lioness Jean’s sporty  butchness raises some eyebrows at the High School
* Eleanor rules the school from her wheelchair, but one of the girls wants to be more than just her willing tool.
* Gladys is using the Glee Club as her stepping stone to fame and glory, but does her membership of Eleanor’s delinquent gang challenge her position?
* The way to Ruby’s heart is meaningful talks over literature and moonshine

Just William - Richmal Crompton --Any 

Availability: Just William and More William are available for free on Project Gutenberg.

William gets involved in one of Ethel's courtships

In this fandom, I am saying ANY and meaning it as "any nominated and/or canonical character, except possibly Archie Mannister." (My apologies, if you are an Archie fan.) I love every single one of the Outlaws, Violet Elizabeth and her parents, the Browns, the elderly ladies of the village... Seriously, I was so delighted to see that someone who was not me had nominated this fandom that I could dance. If you could write me something, anything, true to the feel of canon, I will be ecstatic.

Completely optional prompts (for nominated characters only):

* Futurefic in which Ginger (or another Outlaw) finds that an older Violet Elizabeth’s big eyes and golden curls are really not all that obnoxious at all, to William’s horror (or jealousy?) Or vice versa…
* Ethel’s rivalry with one of the second-string village beauties comes to a head when William makes a well meaning attempt to help out. (Potential for either straight out frenemy fic or femslash).
* What adventures did Ethel have at William’s age?
* After a quarrel, Ginger challenges for leadership of the Outlaws.

Mapp and Lucia series-E. F. Benson - Emmeline "Lucia" Lucas

Mapp and Lucia audiobook cover

Availability: Mapp and Lucia, Trouble for Lucia and Lucia's Progress, as well as the earlier Lucia-only books, are available on the Australian Project Gutenberg

In my opinion, this fandom needs all the femslash, centring around darling Lucia, of course.  Gossipy gen about mad fads and desperately jostling for social power would also be like candy to me.

(I can happily read Lucia as asexual and aromantic, by the  way. If you choose to portray her that way (and thus any love/lust for her forever unrequited), I would prefer it not to be written as ace issuefic, given the time period.)

Completely optional prompts:
*Quaint Irene's bohemian devotion to Lucia becomes a little less unrequited
* Elizabeth Mapp is cherishing a secret passion for Lucia in the bitter depths of her bosom
* Lucia pretends at a daring sapphic affair (ala her "infidelity" in "Lucia in London") and gets in a bit over her middle aged head.
* Any plot involving Lucia coming up with a new fashion in order to maintain her iron grip over the village social scene

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – Phryne Fisher / Elizabeth “Mac” Macmillan

Availability:  For the US (and those of us who have US accounts anyway) it’s available on both Netflix and Hulu. And a lovely person in the comments has let me know that it's also on Acorn.tv internationally, with a free trial month.

Phryne and Mac

Phryne/Mac is the pairing of my heart. I am fond of Jack, and I don't want him bashed, but I adore Mac, and I would love Phryne to discover that the reason that she's not really the marrying type is that women aren't on the market for her.

If the thought of Phryne settling down with anyone is too much for you, I would also adore Mac/OFC, with Phryne being her delightful, open-minded, supportive self.

Other things I would love for this fandom are casefic, and stories about Phryne's found family, including Mac.

Please, given Mac's profession and canonical attempts to help the factory girls, be especially aware of my triggers if you've matched me on this fandom. Thank you. <3

Completely optional prompts:

* Phryne isn’t the marrying type of girl. Mac is the kind of girl who needs a wife… And what will Dot and Aunt Prudence think?
* Mac learns to deal with being a kind of unofficial third mother to Jane.
* Casefic: Phryne gets herself in too deep, and it’s Mac to the rescue
* Phryne matchmakes between Mac and a nice young (or not so young) woman, and happily scandalises Melbourne society with her open support while making sure Mac keeps her job.

Long live the Queen- Charlotte

Availability: http://www.hanakogames.com/llq.shtml, Steam.

Charlotte has a protective mother

Given their intertwined fates, I would really love a story that treats Charlotte as if she was the heroine of her own game, with her own choices (and training) potentially leading to happiness or disaster, just like Elodie.

I also crave more f/f in this fandom, so if you want to give Charlotte a female romantic or marriage option, either a canon character like Elodie (cousins is ok for royalty), Briony, Gwenelle or an OC, that would be even more pink and sparkly.

Completely optional prompts:

* A “game runthrough” type fic as if Charlotte was the main character. Will she be exiled? Die horribly? Turn in her own SPOILER?  Fall in love and live happily ever after? Or make it to the crown?
* Charlotte (good!Charlotte or evil!Charlotte) needs her own Lumen crystal…
* Charlotte becomes aware of all the political and magical machinations around Elodie, and decides to save her.
* If Charlotte falls in love with a girl, how does that affect all the plotting around her?

Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Itsuka Kakumeisareru Monogatari | Some Day My Revolution Will Come – Protagonist/Sanjouin Chigusa

Availability:  Unless you can get hold of the original Sega Saturn game, I’m not aware of any current sources. There are Let’s Plays on the ohtori.nu forum, however, starting here: http://forums.ohtori.nu/viewtopic.php?id=2111


I would love something light hearted that captures the madcap, surreal feel of this game, with the Unnamed Protagonist's hapless sweetness as she stumbles into canon and Chigusa's matinee villain approach to life as the antagonist.

f/f would be particularly welcome, either pairing the girls together or with one of the other female characters in the game.

Completely optional prompts:

* Perhaps introducing foreign objects into home economics assignments and giving wrong answers in maths class is just Chigusa’s clumsy way of expressing a crush.
* Oblivious to Chigusa’s evil machinations, the Protagonist leaves a love letter in her locker.
* What if, when Wakaba asks the Protagonist about her crushes, she had the option of confessing her love to Wakaba?
* Chigusa and Kozue’s date.

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