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Metronome: Fairydust

Kanna-Ophelia's Journal

Kanna Ophelia
25 March 1976
Kanna-Ophelia: librarian, lesbian feminist, socialist, Quaker, saffic fan, doll and pony collector, obsessive reader and ex-pat Adelaide girl freezing living in the UK. I'm newly wed to romana03, which makes me the luckiest woman in the world. ♥

I have too many opinions and rarely keep them to myself. I hover around the edges of fandom, poking a bit. Sometimes I write.

I've been slow with the fanfic lately. When I do write or roleplay, it's mainly saffic. Most of my fandoms are tiny ones, generally what gets called Girl's Own, esu or shoujo depending on the home culture.

I co-mod saffic with romana03. It's a comm for f/f and female-centric gen and a lot of obscure and interesting fandoms come to roost there - it's my baby.

My beautiful Utena layout was made by romana03, while the adorable Azumanga Daoih mood theme was made by madri

Marriage is love.


adorable animated villians, agatha christie, allo allo, angela brazil, animal crossing, anime, anne of green gables, anthy, australia, azumanga daioh, bad fanfic, barbie, bill/clarissa, bishoujo senshi sailormoon, black rose duelists, blackadder, boarding school stories, books, britcoms, bronte sisters, cartoons, cats, charlotte bronte, chibiusa, children's books, clefairy, david bowie, devon rexes, discworld, disney, don't eat the neighbours, ds9, eevee evolutions, enid blyton, eric raymond, esu, f/f, f/f slash, fairy tales, fairytales, fandom_wank, fanfic, fanfic theory, fanfiction, fantasy, father ted, feminism, femmeslash, femslash, friendship, garak/bashir, gibbon_plinth, gilbert and sullivan, girl's own, girls' literature, gomez/morticia, harry potter, hating ayn rand, hobbits, homoerotic subtext, honour and hockeysticks, hotaru, idolshipping, infatuation with fictional characters, jane eyre, jane shaw, jem, jem and the holograms, jerrica benton, jetta, jetta/roxy, juri/shiori, kimber/stormer, l m montgomery, lesbian separatism, lesbian subtext, love, malory towers, mapp and lucia, marimite, mary grant bruce, monster rancher, my little pony, nintendo ds, obscure fandoms, obscure pairings, once upon a time, outer senshi, peter pan, pikachu, pink glitter, pizzazz, pizzazz/roxy, pokemon, pollyanna, powerpuff girls, princess maker, pterry, pure hearts, quakerism, queer rights, queer theory, queershipping, ranma 1/2, roxy, saffic, sailor chibimoon, sailor moon, sailor pluto, sailor saturn, sally/darrell, same-sex marriage, sapphism, school stories, setsuna, sexuality rights, shameless sap, shipping, shoujo ai, shoujo anime, shoujo kakumei utena, shoujo-ai, shoujou-ai, society of friends, special friends, st clares, steel angel kurumi, stormer, sweet romantic stories, sweet valley high, team rocket, terry pratchett, the brittas empire, the misfits, the princess bride, the savoy operas, the sims, theirloveissomorallyrighteous, tolkien, tomboys, true love, twoo wuv, utena, wodehouse, women's studies, writing, xena, yamushipping, yuri, ♀♀